stara can art (somehow)

please don't repost or use any of my artwork without asking me first.
i don't accept requests unless i say i am



idk about clothing designs so all you get are headshots (i got lazy after i did riptide)

hi def, dci, flash4wrd and maybe dr tan will be in a different photoset

it’s basically the dc cast are placed in the setting two of my original stories are in

it’s kind of a fantasy setting but if i were to put the au in a time frame it would basically be what we consider modern day except that the traditions are old, and the technology is advanced along with some usage of the environment (ie bio-luminescent plant/sea life for light)

humanoids in a nutshell

common human - exactly what it says on the tin
forest person - people who are generally herbivorous (if not they eat insects yum) and are based off of plant life and naturally live in the forest
sea folk - sea dwelling people who can breathe just as fine out of water and can range from carnivores to herbivores to omnivores and are based off of marine life
avians - people who live high in the mountains and thus are isolated from other humanoids thus almost completely pure blooded and can also range from carnivores to herbivores to omnivores and are based off of birds

all of them can crossbreed with each other but a mix of more than two is generally impossible due to complications and the child would not live long

and yeah

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